Independent Transportation Agents:

Would you like to work with a company who treats you like family and who has a vested interest in your success? How about a back office with professional, experienced personnel whose mission is to keep you safe and happy? How about a company who caters to what you need? We have created different agent programs because we are not a one-size-fits-all company. We know that every agent has unique obligations to family and customers so work with you, not against you, to keep your networks solid. Your customers are your customers; we won’t contact them without your permission and then only for administrative purposes. If you decide that Transportation Services isn’t the fit you wanted, you leave with your customers and no hard feelings. We’ve learned long ago that success is built with strong relationships so we work harder than anyone to ensure we do it right. The first time.

For agents with high net-margin percentages (17% and above), we offer a unique program unlike anything else in the industry. We will take 5% of the gross (customer) rate as our admin fee; you use the remainder to negotiate the carrier rate and your commission. As an example, a customer gives you $1000 to move a load. You sell it to the carrier for $800. The admin fee is $50 (5% of $1000) and your commission is $150. If you sell that same load for $700, our admin fee stays $50 and your commission jumps to $250.

For agents whose margins are under 17%, we also offer a 70/30 net profit-split plan with 70% of the net going to you and 30% to us as our admin fee.